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Arrival and Check In

We will remove and secure all documents and personal items. We then evaluate all existing interior for proper size and fit. We will then remove all sidewalls, seats, headliner, carpet, plastic window trim, seatbelts and windlace. We will then clean all interior and buff seat rails.



All seats will be stripped to frames, mechanicals will be checked to make sure they are in good working order. They will be cleaned, masked primed and painted to match new seat color. They will then be re-foamed in multi-density foams as per customer specifications and recovered in uncorrected full-grain premium leather or first quality fabrics. In addition we provide Fireblocking testing for Part 135 operators


All sidewalls will be stripped of old materials and inspected. They will be refoamed with high-density, flame retardant foam and covered in your selection of fabric or leather. Armrests will also be refoamed and covered.


We have a wide range of quality fabrics to refurbish your headliner. 


Premium carpet will be cut, fit, bound and installed throughout, with a padding for added comfort.


We will install new windlace cords on all doors.


As requested by the client.


We offer soundproofing for each aircraft far surpassing typical aircraft installation, with four levels of soundproofing and damping. This system produces an effective reduction in interior noise and travel fatigue with minimal to no weight increase. Insulation is evaluated upon removal of interior and suggestions will then be made for a more effective sound proofing and insulation system.

Fabrication and Refurbishment

Led Lighting Systems:

Lavatory lighting, table and reading lights, and full retrofit capabilities.



Everything from minor cabinet alterations and refurbishment to custom cabinet design and fabrication. 

FAA Compliant

All of our work is performed in accordance with current Federal Aviation Regulations. All required material test results and/or certifications are provided for your permanent aircraft maintenance records.

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